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Anupam Design Studio specializes in incorporating innovative products and concepts that are simply stunning and often outshine the industry standards. We come up with unique ideas for interior spaces of our clients and use various disciplines and elements of interior design by focusing on practical application and implications of our concepts. We work with an eagle’s eye towards achieving the ultimate contemporary style with special focus on architecture, interior designing and other miscellaneous components of contemporary design. All our concepts and products are designed based on the underlying principles of sustainability. Our range of raw materials include recycled wood, eco friendly boards and ‘zero lead’ finishing and painting materials. Anupam Design Studio is a collaborative combining skill in the disciplines of architecture and interior designing. The firm’s work emphasizes an intense devotion to craft and detail at all scales. The team work closely with each client to thoroughly understand their needs and to create designs that are unique, appropriate, and poetic responses to the constraints and opportunities of the project. In all projects, extreme care is taken to conceptualize comprehensively from the general to the particular so that the end effect conveyed is one of thorough and thoughtful consideration.





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